Pinebox Shops

4-Kit-Up Pawn:

Kyle Sibley’s pawn shop buys and sells everything under the sun. They have an impressive collection of stereo equipment, computers, and guns. Kyle promises a fair deal…but doesn’t always deliver. Sibley is a member of the white supremacist group, the Texas National Militia, and uses his business to fence stolen and illegal goods to fund the group’s activities. 4-Kit Up does offer weaponry the heroes are unlikely to be able to buy anywhere else, but minorities and foreign students can expect rude treatment.

Hidalgo Hardware and Tractor Supply:

Hidalgo’s smells of grease and oil and serves many of the local farmers and ranchers. Tony Hidalgo, the owner, once served as the President of the Pinebox Historical Society and knows many local legends and lore.

Mary Lynn’s Used Books and Emporium:

Although the name has changed from time to time, this bookstore and coffee house has long been a favorite for locals and students. Mary Lynn’s unusual collection runs from floor to ceiling in five separate rooms and includes rare and ‘unique’ books.

Pinebox Fishing and Hunting:

A large store full of everything from guns and ammo to knives, hatchets, bows, fishing rods, lures, and even camouflaged fatigues. They also sell “novelty” silver ammunition.

Pinebox Pawn:

Pinebox Pawn has been in business for over forty years and has a sign in the window that reads, “We buy and sell everything your heart desires.” True to claim, it contains many rare and often bizarre items. The shop is owned and operated by Forester Harris, who lives on the building’s second floor.

Silvered Dreams:

A small shop with a large window on the street has hand-crafted jewelry in the windows and silver-plated knives beneath the counter. Felipe Inigo is a quiet man who loves working with silver, believes in the supernatural, and is more than willing to add silver to any weapon for cash up front.

Vanderhorn’s Workshop:

This mobile home and workshop is 100 yards off the highway. Although the home is well maintained, the grass is strewn with small and large engines, parts, and motors. Sheltered from view behind the workshop is a small target range where Vanderhorn tests crossbows, throwing axes, and other weapons.

Pinebox Shops

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