Pinebox Eateries

Angry Stick:

This pool hall and bar has been in continuous operation since 1892 thanks to its loyal blue-collar customers and inexpensive beer. Rumor has it that gamblers drive in from hours away to play in the occasional private high-stakes poker game tucked in a back room. The two story building is reputed to be haunted.

Brazen Hussy Brewery:

This small brewery was purchased out of bankruptcy and renamed Brazen Hussy as a gimmick. The bottles of “blonde” (light), “brunette” (dark), and “redhead” (amber) beer featuring bikini-clad models on the labels are popular with the young college crowd. The brewery has a history of high employee turnover, dating back before even the bankruptcy and change in ownership. Some former employees tell stories of hearing cries for help coming from the giant beer tanks and the feeling of being watched.

Mom’s Diner:

This restaurant has serviced the community since the 1960s, but has been sold several times and has undergone many renovations. It is known for its good, stickto-your-ribs food and homemade buttermilk biscuits, as well as for being a friendly study spot that provides an endless supply of coffee.

Pizza Barn

The Pizza barn is a college staple. All the kids either call in a delivery during study sessions or come in to get a break from all the hectic campus life. In addition to decent but inexpensive pies they’re also known for their famous Dollar Pitcher nights.

Saltlick Barbecue

One of Austin’s finest barbecue establishments has recently opened a new restaurant in Pinebox. They served everything from pulled pork to smoked sausage and brisket to ribs.

Wings N Such

Everyone enjoys a good plate of wings and a cold beer. That’s exactly what you can get at Wings N Such.

Pinebox Eateries

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