East Texas University

Orientation Weekend, Part One

Making New Friends

The first semi-official day on campus was memorable, or at least the evening was. The day started off with a short tour of the campus after lunch. Then we were left to move our stuff into the dorms.

I ended up in a ground floor suite in the Whitehall Dormitory, which has a kitchen. It seems one of my roommates is a real stickler for safety and inspected the entire suite making notes. Then he disappeared for a while only to be escorted back by campus security. My other two roommates were also gone for a few hours as well. One is in ROTC, and the other will be playing American Football on the sports team.

All of the freshmen got invited to a secret off-campus party that some of the fraternities and sororities put on. Apparently, this is how they decide who they will recruit for their organisations. All three of my roommates argued with one of the people transporting students to the site. I just jumped in the guy’s car and rode up. The offer of free alcohol and the chance to chat up members of the fairer sex was too enticing. I don’t know if my roommates ever made it to the party, but I had a great time.

I was given several phone numbers before the police showed up and then went back to Sarah and Arin‘s dorm room. Not sure which dorm it was, but it was very nice. The remainder of the evening was enjoyable if a bit tiring. I need to remember to pace myself or father could take an interest in my extracurricular pursuits. I didn’t get kicked out of three other Universities back home for nothing. Luckily with mother’s help, I was able to convince my father to allow me to attend my first choice of school.

The stupid alarm clock is waking me up. Wait that isn’t my alarm clock, oh that’s right that’s Sarah and Arin’s alarm. Well, guess we should see what is on the schedule for today. Hopefully, I can get back to my dorm and change later.



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